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First message

Published by pinelopikappa in the blog pinelopikappa's blog. Views: 135

So, we can post absolutely anything here? I've attempted some blog-writing in the past, but it ended after a couple of messages.

Ok, here is my first message.
I got an e-mail from a friend about an incident that happened to a young woman in my hometown. It sounds like an urban legend to me, but there is the actual police report of what happened.
It involves a car, an old lady, no old lady, a bag, a cleaver, some traffic lights and some serious guts.
Now, given the fact that it's a true story, can I just fill in the gaps and turn it into a short story of my own, or do I have to forever apologize for all the borrowing?
I am after all part of the tradition of many writers producing their own version of the same old story.
What do you think?
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