First post here.

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Hello everyone, I'm new here. Well, let me tell you something about myself. I'm a female studying in Singapore. I refuse to say my age, though. Singapore is a small and friendly country. I like being here, but sometimes I would think that it's rude as well. Some people are rude, but some are friendly. I like my virtual friends on Facebook. They're really part of my life, and I absolutely love them.

In my class, I really abhor some of my classmates. Arrogant, prosaic and jejune. They're always irritating. Ignorant of my feelings and they just love to disturb my peaceful rest. They purposely made me jealous and gosh, I wonder if they can just die? My teachers are good to me, though.

I love a person very much. Hey, you might say I'm bi, but never mind, I do love this woman. Let's call her JT for short. Haha, I treasure her a lot but I'm possessive so I would always say that she's mine. But in fact, she doesn't even take notice of me and I've made her upset plenty of times. I love her though.

I go by the same pen name on Fictionpress. I am planning to participate in as many writing competitions as possible, in the real life. My teacher, thankfully, tells me of essay competitions that are nearing and lets me write for them.
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