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First story published!

Published by ramedrake in the blog ramedrake's blog. Views: 78

It's a still Sunday morning; cloudy but not cold. It's not to be a relaxing day off, there is work and shopping to be done, but thats ok, I'm feeling pretty good.
On friday night several students of mine came up to me in the bar to thank me for helping me get the grades that allowed them to go and study abroad, and yesterday afternoon I saw my name in print for the first time. A small independant American publication published a short story I wrote nearly two years ago after a having a nightmare. It was quite a rush seeing my name in print, a little biography and someone had even done an illustration to go with the story. I was giggling like a school boy all day at the idea someone out there is reading my work.
Maybe I'm still a long way from being a proper author, but I've taken my first step and it feels great.
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