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First Time Blog!

Published by BeFearless in the blog BeFearless's blog. Views: 234

Hi there.
So lets start with the name, BeFearless. to me it relates to my anxiety. I have suffered from anxiety for seven years I constantly tell myself to be fearless to try and confront my fears, to try and care less of peoples opinions and to try and live more without the constant worry that consumes me everyday.

I like to write A LOT, I try to get something down on paper at least once a day even if that means running out of the bath room before I get into the bath to write down a thought I had. Because that happened a lot I now take a notepad and pen with me!:-D
I am from England and I have actually just been offered a job! Writing is something I enjoy doing and for this reason my grammar and spelling is not great, I bet neither is my technique in writing!:bigwink:

I'm here just to improve, pick up some techniques, to learn more and to just have fun.

Hope you enjoy reading some of the bits I write:bigsmile:
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