First Workout In A While...

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So...because the weather was getting better and I was feeling a little bit sluggish I decided to go outside and workout a bit. Mind you, just the day before that I felt like I was in pretty good shape. Felt like I could run as fast as I wanted to when I wanted to or do whatever level exertion I felt like.

But...I barely made it twice around a quarter-mile track. My lungs were flares and my muscles were drained. My push-ups were cut by half and my sit-ups were more like death twitches. I tried another lap around and made it but I intended two. Had to sit down and bargain with my body not to shutdown before I walked the rest of the way home wondering WTF happened to me.

To put it into perspective, my daily workout used to be this

100 4-count jumping jacks
100 push ups
100 squats
100 sit ups
100 mountain climbers
100 scissor kicks
100 toe raises

then I would run outside of my dorm to the track and run at least ten laps around a quarter-mile track then run back to my dorm. I was so in shape I felt indomitable and I thought I would be like that forever...without much effort. Running was always easiest. My father used to run up and down the boardwalk at Coney Island, NY and so I credit genes for that. But I was always a natural for athletics. Figured it would carry me the rest of my life.

Yesterday, though, was brutal. Felt like someone poured sand in my rusting engine. Just a note to any youth with similar misconceptions about their health; It doesn't last forever unless you work on it. Worse, you won't even feel yourself slipping downwards until you need to exert yourself again. You don't have to set an Olympic schedule but I would seriously advocate working out at least three or four times a week for at least an hour. Even though it felt like
being whipped with pain and fatigue I instantly felt better after that torture. Air seemed thinner, my movements even more lighter, and if I felt awake before, I felt like I could light a room afterwards. I think I just need to stretch myself out but the point is when the door starts to creak, oil the bastard and flex the hinges or it's going to fold on you when you least expect it.
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