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Published by Jay Scarlett in the blog Jay Scarlett's blog. Views: 156

What's this place? Looks so familiar. So fascinating, so green, this meadow with a pleasing lake and trees. Oh but on this hill there is a peculiar tall pink tree. Its similar to a willow tree yet so differnt. I can't just help it but to walk towards it. I feel like I'm back home thus far i sence that something bad happened here. This tree somehow is much the same as the one by the school. Is this dream trying to tell me something or is it just a dream and not to else.

*Wakes up* *looks around*

Him" are tou okay? Try not to move! You fainted by the pink tree and i brought you home."

Me: " what happened? Why did i fainted?"

Him: "maybe you have trying too hard to remember and doing your school work. Trying to balance all classes and trying to regain your memory, might have been tough on you."

Me: " might of being a little but there is this feeling and a voice telling me to remember."

Him: " to tell you the truth..... ummm... i dont want you to get hirt trying to remember..."

Me: " i need to rest i feel tired can you please go."

Him: " yes dont worry about me. Its time for me to go back to the cast..... home!"

Me: " ummm...okay...."

*door closing*

Ther is something that links that dream with me now. I gotta find it. I need to remember. That tree and the meadow in my dream... just thinking about it there was more to it. I just can't remember because of him but thinking back he might be the key to it all.
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