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"Not Another Dead Dog," at 98 words, to Flashshot (it appeared sometime in July 2009).

As the story no longer seem to be available on the site, I offer it here in its entirety (big of me, I'm sure*):

"I shot Patches yesterday. It was hard, but I don’t think he felt any pain. He didn’t see it coming.

When I got home this evening he was waiting for me, wagging his tail and with only a slight scar between his ears. He seems to have forgiven me for shooting him.

Maggie will be happy, too—she was so broken up when our last dog died. I wouldn’t have risked it, except I’ve been wondering. Ever since I found Patches in the field behind that old laboratory. Now I’m certain.

No doubt about it; our dog is immortal."

*Get it? Big? Because the whole thing is only 98 words...
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