teacherayala Jul 20, 2011
I read your blog posts, and while I'm glad you're expressing yourself through poetry, I can see some very dark undercurrents in these poems. I had a friend in college who suffered from an eating disorder--a very good friend--and she tended to over-analyze herself similarly to the speaker in your poem. I also tend to work with teenagers quite a bit, so I know that body image and relationship issues are a bit deal in middle and high school. Sometimes it can really get you down.

It may be that you're just trying to tap into something fundamental that all teenagers can understand--the pain that sometimes comes when you're in that transition period between childhood and adulthood. However, if your poems end up expressing less what your speaker is feeling and more about what you're feeling, don't be afraid to talk to someone about it, especially if you're feeling as dark and suicidal (like in your other poem.)

However, from your picture at least you appear to be a very beautiful girl, so perhaps you're just experimenting with digging deeper into some heartfelt, sometimes painful emotion instead of worrying about your image. If that's the case, I'm glad you're enjoying the freedom of expression that poetry brings!