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Flling the Void

Published by gibble410 in the blog gibble410's blog. Views: 183

I dont know about you guys, but with the gift of youth comes the gift of realisation. I recently thought of this, and I am plently sure I am probably not the first to think of this, but I recently thought of the idea of the void in our souls.

So what this Void I'm talking about is this hollow, empty feeling we have in us. Take a moment and feel it. We all can. I connected this feeling to the way I act and think. Because every night I spend about 30-60 minutes thinking and sorting my thoughts. And I realized how broken I was. I was broken because I filled my void with just my love for my first crush. Ignored my family, friends, and just filled it up with love expecting her to return my feelings. She didn't, and that smashed a hammer through my void and I have to start from scratch.

Our void is ment to be filled, filled to the brim. That's what a happy life is. Love is what mainly fills voids, for others its drugs, and for others its God. People are all different because we each fill our void with a different combination. Some have lots of hate and anger, with some dismay and sadness. Others have God, and love and despise. Its always different. Small things we take pleasure from, like Christmas, are footholds. And we spend our lives using footholds and rocks to climb out! And that's how you win at life, become successful, and such.

When you dont fill this void, you enter depression.

"The hole getting too big. The blackness is too wide. We're going to fall into it forever."
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