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Published by Wreybies in the blog Ponderings of a Pachyderm. Views: 112

This morning I was treated to the best flying dream I have ever had. Best because it was the most lucid and controlled flying dream. One small part of the dream was outside my control and that was the location. I was trying to find my way back into my house, but none of the strangely log cabin-esque houses around were my house. So the flying became the focus and it was awesome. It was night and the sky was clear and I was out in the country somewhere and the stars were out by the ba-jillions. My dream flying powers always come from the palms of my hands like rocket power and the more I curl my fingers under, the more power I get.

Zoom! Sssswoooosh! ZZzzzzhhhhhhhhew!

Then later the dream became a slightly erotic little number staring me and a younger Sean Astin.
(Think Rudy, not LotR.)

Go figure.
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