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Focus- Never Finishing Anythi-

Published by JPGriffin in the blog Griffin's Blog. Views: 65

I have all of these brilliant ideas, called so by people other than myself, and yet I always seem to lack the follow-through to finish the task at hand. Let me share you an example:

For tomorrow I have to read an article and answer seven questions, each answer about a paragraph long. I have to answer 5 extensively long math problems, and on top of that I have to rewatch a physics documentary to answer questions and write two reports (albeit, short ones) by Friday. I had the mindset that after school, I'll go get a hot chocolate (I'd go with a coffee, if I actually drank it) and get back home and knock it all out before it's too late. It's now 10:43 EST and I've done none of this. Instead, I checked my balance at the bank, not trusting online accounts, and stopped at the grocery store to get some dip (leftover chips at home). Please note that I'm a pedestrian, so the travel time goes from 3 minutes to about a half hour. I get home, open the dip and grab the chips. I see the clock- 4:30, plenty of time. I go downstairs, with the mindset that I'll do it after dinner. 6:03 comes around, and I promised to play a game online with a friend, so I'm back downstairs until 8:55. Then I remember LOST is going to be removed from Netflix in a few days. I'm on the last season, only 12 episodes away, so I watch until 9:31. After showering, getting settled in, I move my backpack from my bed and feel its weight. It's now 10:35, and I immediately turn on the computer to start typing. My mouse strays to the Internet Explorer icon, and I find myself here. It is now 10:48.

Clearly, I'm easily distracted. I apply this same method of "working" to writing, too. As of now I have fragments of sections, in no particular order, all of them almost completely perfect. I now have the task of collecting them all in a single medium of data, either physically or electrically, and there is always this "wonderful" distraction I call technology. If I can find some sort of controlling device on my computer to limit what hours it will stay connected, then I will use it without hesitation. Almost like Facebook, it was distracting, and so I just said, "Forget it" (More vulgar that described) and deleted my account. It's now 10:53, and I've decided to cut off here and start this dreadful all-night workathon.

With my regards,
-A soon to be dead-as-a-doornail tired JP Griffin.
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