Food or Seasoning?

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Today, I'm over my grandmothers house and I had bought some Stove Top stuffing. I cooked it and she came in she asked where was it, having smelled it. It was sitting right in front of her. I pointed to it and she said, "That doesn't look like stuffing." Stopped and looked and she was right. It was very dark. A dark brown as if it had been burnt, but I had made it in a saucepan. Basically boiled water and heat. It also looked very dry. I got some more water and poured some in and tasted it. Really tasted it while thinking about it and I compared it to what I remembered of my parents and grandparents home-made stuffing. It was awful. The seasonings where right. They were delicious. It was the bread, if bread it was, that was disgusting.

Since then, I've been wondering out of all the pre-made and processed foods I eat, is it truly good or is it merely the seasonings I liked. After the seasonings are gone I wonder if all meats like chicken, beef, fish, or whatever are all bland tasting things with little intrinsic taste. Blank canvases that we paint with flavor. Seems like good food is all about good seasoning and a quality base (like bread or meat) beneath it.
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