Forbidden Truth

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Recently a documentary was telecast in a news channel based on war crime committed by soldiers on civilians from an ethnic group of a neighboring country. This is not new as many news channels do telecast sensitive issues with explicit footage or photos. But never seen channels pursuing so aggressively the crimes against humanity committed on foreign soil and not even bothered to broadcast that is happening in their own backyard since 1960’s except incidents happened in few major location. I was wondering whether the documentary telecast was really out of concern against the alleged atrocities committed on civilians from an ethnic group during that nation’s civil war. All these channels take into consideration that it is worth reporting sensational news like celebrities’ wardrobe malfunction than the injustice happening in faraway places from their studio. Is this attitude because of: 1) Viewers do not have interest in knowing human right violations happening in other parts of the country except sports, political uproar at the center or news related to big cities? 2) Is it just a part of the TRP race? 3) Is it that someone in the top management belonging to the affected community, managing the show? 4) Is it the political parties belonging to the affected community, calling the shot at the center? Whatever the reasons may be, it is really unfortunate and sad that many innocent civilians lost their live and many more still suffers from hostilities between the two warring factions.

Ethnic conflict is the most unfortunate thing that happens when the leaders of the internal actors (insiders) and external actors (outsiders) of a state used politics to defend their interests in the name of protecting their community and causes agitation and unrest in that state. It is the innocent people of both communities who are caught up in the line of fire.

To born poor and to born in a conflict zone with no savoir is a crime;
To get trapped and not being able to run away from conflict zone is a crime;
To massacre civilians of a community with no saviors to protect them from government machinery and the so called revolutionary is not a war crime;
But to massacre civilians of a community by government machinery is a war crime if the protectors of the community are influential groups.
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