forgive me

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i had a dream lastnight
which stirred me from my sleep
i woke up in a sweat
and many tears my eyes did weep

i dreamt i went to heaven
and saw the angels there
the pearly gates were glorious
but then, why should i care?

i knew as i did gaze
upon those golden bars
that never would they open
to a heart so black and scarred

i gave a sigh and waitied
but no greeting for me came
no sign of st.peter
and no one knew my name

i waited and i wandered
i watched them all go by
but there was nothing there for me
not for the likes of i

i watched the angels laughing
i heard the choirs song
and then they all came back to me
the things i'd done so wrong

each tear i caused was like a flood
that rained upon me then
if only i could go back now
and make it right again

i saw each one i loved
and felt them torn apart
and what an acheing feeling
right then did fill my heart

i knelt upon the skies
and hung my head in shame
my tears fell through the clouds
and poured like autumn rain

oh please god forgive me!
my cries went out, and then
on my shoulder was the hand
of a mutch loved, long lost, friend

i gazed into his face
and my eyes wept no more
he lifted me up with his hand
and all my burdens bore

oh lord, i said, im sorry
i wish it could be changed
each awful deed, a picture
that i could rearrange

i'd make it right lord if i could
i swear it, thats no lie
but i know theres nowhere for me now
'least not in heaven's sky

then it was he spoke to me
and said 'i know your heart'
i saw then in that moment
i was given a new start

he told me that he died
to forgive me every sin
then he opened up the gate
and said 'my child, come in...'

so there it was that i did wake
with tears worth more than gold
and swore that i would never break
the promise i had told.
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