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Forum Stalker

Published by Corbyn in the blog Corbyn's blog. Views: 196

I find myself feeling a little bad tonight, and much like a forum stalker. You see when I joined the forum way back when, I was coming out of a creative writing course at a community college near by. I was prolific with my posting, and very stingy with sharing my writing.

At the end of said class, my Professor told me he had no doubts that I would be published one day. I've heard that alot over the last few years, but sadly didn't think my writing good enough, or polished enough to share. Since then, I've been working on my craft. But I digress....back to the point.

I rarely ask for help in real life, and am secretive at best about my writing. I'm my own worst critique as most of us are. But since re-emerging on the forum, I've found myself reaching out more to people I used to converse regularly with. People whose opinions I highly valued then.

Which is what makes me feel a little bad. My struggling over the last few years with my writing, and the type of story teller I want to be was done else where, mostly in a real life writing group setting, in an effort to grow. It did help, and has made me get over some of my issues, but I have to remind myself alot lately that some writers here don't get that luxury. That some may not be ok with taking critique or giving it.

But above all else, that some people I knew grew in different ways. Me asking for help is just something I'm going to get over. It's part of the learning curve. It doesn't make me a stalker for messaging someone to ask (no...it wasn't done repeatedly only once :p) my subconscious just goes there because I don't want to come across as a pain in the keyboard. But regardless, it's ok.
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