mugen shiyo Oct 17, 2011
:) You probably guessed, but I'm definitely a fan of Robert Jordan. I haven't read Martin yet but since Wheel of Time is still on it's way in May, I guess I can start by reading that one and comparing. (which one do you think is better, by the way)

I'd take the first part of this out, the one about you never getting any comments. Just keep writing and be optimistic. If people like it, fine. If not, just keep writing until you find what they do like if comments are what your after. I mainly right just to get things off my head. I usually hope someone comments but it's not really a necessity.

I think everyone always is working on something special, always has ideas, always fleshing their characters and all that. Assume if you are doing it a million others a doing the same thing or have the same problems. The thing that will make you stand out is actually completing it. Even more so if it is successful. Other than that, writing about writing, especially on a writing site is like preaching to the quior. I should know since I've been doing it, lol.

Either way, good luck and hope to see something by you on the site soon. If you want to work on something together or have some other cool idea just PM me or start a thread somewhere. One guy had a really good idea but he never really came to life with it.