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Free Movie Tickets!

Published by teacherayala in the blog teacherayala's blog. Views: 74

Sorry--not for you, my dear reader! For me!

We had a teacher appreciation lunch yesterday, and they sent us each home with 2 free movie passes to the theatre that my husband and I usually go to!

I, of course, want to see Water for Elephants (no spoilers, please!), but I have a feel I'm going to get stuck watching Fast Five. Don't really mind, though, because at least I'll get to go on a date with hubby that's pretty much pre-paid! :)

I'm also hoping to be able to score a decent end-of-the-year bonus based on my teaching prowess. <rawr> It will help me pay off my braces for good and/or maybe help me pay my professional development credits this summer.
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