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Personally I love free stuff. I walk past allotments on a daily basis and sometimes see a table set up with an array of fruit or vegetables spread across it. A cheery note tells me to ‘help myself. ‘

With a warm glow, I help myself. Keen not to waste the gift bestowed upon me, I cook up something tasty. Is it my imagination or does apple and blackberry crumble taste better when it’s free?

Full of community spirit, I make enough crumble to feed the neighbours and we all go to bed full of delicious comfort food. (Well I do anyway; the neighbours may have thrown it in the bin for all I know.)

Mr Planets is a free stuff fan. He has an uncanny knack for locating the Sampling tables at the supermarket in record quick time. After once witnessing him knock back a generous sample of whiskey, I was a little confused.
‘I thought you didn’t like whiskey’ say I.
‘I don’t but it’s free.’ He replies in a manner which suggests that he is stating the obvious.

Personally I am always heartened by the generosity of others. When first setting up home together, Mr Planets and I were overwhelmed by the stuff which came to us from various sources. Nothing we were given would have looked good in a show home but we were very grateful for all of it.

It tickled me a little to see a facebook post by a friend yesterday concerning her group, free stuff. She was respectfully requesting that people should be more realistic when posting about stuff they needed. Curiosity aroused, I had a look through the posts and couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. I will give some examples but with details changes to avoid naming and shaming but I read posts similar to
‘Wanted, telly, fairly modern, preferably with a freeview box. Must be able to deliver as I don’t drive.’
‘Wanted, rug. Need a round one in pale blue. Can you deliver it please?’
In addition to this people had posted long lists of stuff they wanted specifying that it should be in good condition. The mind boggles. I had to have a little laugh at the audacity of folk.

Mr Planets suggested posting,
‘Wanted, new car, would prefer a Jaguar, Must be in good condition with less than 5000 miles on the clock. Must be delivered as I don’t have a car, yet. Also I haven’t passed my test so if anyone wants to give me free lessons, please do.
So tempting, In fact I had to sit on my hands to avoid doing the deed. I didn’t want to risk upsetting the site owner. Frankly I was impressed that she managed to keep her request so amicable.
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