Free-Verse for a Lioness

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I wrote this today and just thought it'd be a nice blog entry. I know there might not be any such word as paramoral but if there isnt...dibbs:D

Alternative channels i have sought to allow my mind to be at ease. A fruitless search it was to find one as knowledgeable as thee. Ill Fate has dealt me a cruel blow to be forever confined in this repeated cycle of paramoral dysfunction. My heart stays bound by the lengthy trammels of her hair. My mind powerless to find an escape from this maze where all exits lead to the beginning and the callously alluring scent calls me in my sleep. My affliction i no longer label as infatuation. It is beyond that. could this be, by some crude and lustful definition, the meaning of love?

But how to contain such a lioness who is bound by no pride save her own. Whose sweet cries of my destruction draw me ever nearer to my end. Still i do not fear. I see hope where others see despair and light where darkness prevails, but yet here i sit immortalizing my affection and awaiting my inevitable doom.
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