Free Will

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Possible new opening to a story I had started months ago... Looking for some feedback from those who read the original version posted here... Just wondering if it makes for a better opening...

The bus swayed every now and then jumping as the shocks corrected after a bump. The speakers in the rear of the vehicle crackled cutting through the sound of a country fiddle playing a run of notes. You southern people, I have never understood your fascination with country ‘twang’ as you call it. My mind roamed in an auto pilot state listening to the fiddle and the accompanying singer.

“The devil went down to Georgia; he was lookin’ for a soul to steal...”

I smiled to myself whistling along with the tune as I toned out the bodies jarring into me every now and then. “He was in a bind, ‘cause he was way behind and was willin’ to make a deal,” I sung to myself.

Of course I, Caleb Monroe had never been to this Georgia, and I was no Devil, but I have never been a saint either.
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