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Freedom of Opportunity vs Freedom vs Choice

Published by Oscar Leigh in the blog Oscar Leigh's blog. Views: 215

As a socialist, I want to explain why I think things like healthcare and education should be free, but things like business practice not so much. Why do we favour healthcare and education as socialist?
Here a little thought. What hurts someone; the tool, or the action of using it? Well, the tool doesn't hurt anyone by itself, does it? It's the action. To apply this on a more philosophical, political scale it's the choice, not the opportunity. So what right is more hurtful by this logic, the choice to deny access in the name of business practice, or the opportunity to get heath-care and education? Health-care and education are universal human rights, literally, and they have no necessity to be controlled by businesses. Think about this; who is a business obligated to look after? Legally, officially, it is themselves. A CEO's or chairperson's responsibility for however much time he spends acting as that official is to their employees. Doesn't matter if they're a good person, they aren't a charity. A government is obligated to the people. Regardless of whether you trust them or like them or think they are good people, it is in their direct interest to do what is deemed good and stays good. So why do trust the caretaking of the entire populace's universal human rights to people who's interest is to their select group not the whole nation? You do realize private healthcare and education systems are universally less affordable than public ones? They will never give it out cheaply, they need to make a profit. But a government can take the costs as taxes, and give the cost back in how affordable (perhaps even free) the healthcare and education is. There's little question to me which one is right. I believe in freedom of opportunity because it is our choices that hurt people. And I believe that universal human rights should be a free opportunity maintained by those who we elect to represent us, not by those who rise to power on their own terms and interests.
Thank you for your time. Hope you have a good day. :blowkiss::blowkiss:
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