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I've thought a lot over the last few months about what I want to get out of my writing. Yes, I write to write, just like everyone else, but I do have an ultimate goal in mind as well. One day, I'd like to be able to support myself with my writing. I know most of us here would like to be able to do the same.

So, if writing to support oneself is the goal... what can we do to achieve that goal? Well, that question requires a good long look at what you as a writer are, or are not willing to do.

Some writers go the way of the blogger, some stick to social media to build platforms, some jump to indie publishing, and others plug away looking for more traditional ways to get their writing out there.

I've talked before about my writing groups, and a few members in one such group are striking into the world of online freelance work. with sites online such as Up work, and freelancer, there seems to be a whole host of places online for people to get themselves out there, and try to make their work .. well ... work for them. I've looked at several such sites and wondered what exactly is entailed in becoming a "freelancer".

For example, does it require near perfect grammar, (if so we all know I'm in big trouble..) being clever, or funny? Or is there some other secret formula for freelance success?

I have no idea, but I guess I'm about to find out as I've just bid on my first freelance project. It's for niche writing, articles about animals. I should be a good fit for this, after all, I've spent the last eleven years of my professional life working in a veterinary clinic as a lead technician, and I already write all of the social media posts for my office. I can do this, I got this. I just hope the person on the other end of the screen agrees. Wish me luck!
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