Freshers' Week

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Has finished at last. I say at last, but to be honest, it's gone very quickly, and has been quite enjoyable. A bit nerve wracking in the beginning, when all of the rooms around me were empty for a the first few days, but I made friends with some Brits around the corner quickly enough.

(I should probably explain, that the accomodation I'm in is filled mainly with international students, with only a few british students thrown into the mix)

But yes, the week of debauchery and drunkeness has come to an end, and it had both high points and disappointments. The pub crawl on tuesday (at least, I think that's when it was...) was an awesome experience, culminating in a drunken cohort of us in a chippy, where the guy working there tried to convince us that the chili sauce was ketchup.

The welcome festival last sunday was good, too. A load of tents, each with a different style of music. I got completely separated from the people I went with, but ended up with a load of American exchange students, and a girl with whom it turns out I have friends in common with (back home), in some random person's room across the other side of campus, having a minor party of our own.

The Freshers' Ball on friday was a bit of a let down, though. It was a good night out, but not worth the money we paid. £25 for the tickets, about £4 for transportation, and then inside the drinks were extortionate. Everyone came home sober, since it was too expensive to drink...

And last night, we had a night in. We just sat in the common room, watched The Green Mile, and ordered takeaway pizza. All in all, I don't think I've gotten to bed before 3am, this last week...

Oh, and I found the disadvantage to living on a corridor of girls: when I woke up at 2pm today, there was no bloody hot water left!
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