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Friday Night

Published by Normal in the blog Normal's blog. Views: 87

Well another weekend has come and again I'm at home. Don't get me wrong I don't hate being at home but for some reason I can't help but feel like I could be doing something more. I don't have to go to the bar but why do I keep going back to that train of thought. Most likely because its what I would have done in my younger days. There are other things to do, go see a movie, go to a concert or see live music. The point is that there are alot of things that I could be doing instead of sitting at home blogging.

One thing that I don't mind doing on the weekend is homework, well kind of homework. You see I visithttp://chuckpalahniuk.net often and often enough to pay for premium membership. With a premium membership I get access to essays and written works from other aspiring writers and I must admit that most of them put anything that I have submitted to shame. There is alot of talent out there and these people are hungry for it. They WANT to be writers.

Well back to the essays, I am still reading them and there are exactly 36 of them to read. If you are a fan then it is definitely something to consider. In these essays there are assignments or points to ponder and considering that I want to bolster my writing portfolio doing a few assignments really helps.

So for those interested please visit my personal blog and feel free to comment, heck I would appreciate a visit from other writers (aspiring or other.) You can visit it here: http://normal-blood.blogspot.com/

Thanks for taking the time and let me know if I can visit YOUR blog sometime. I think as a community it is important that we help each other out.

Thank you and enjoy your weekend :)
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