From Rybok To Cyberpunk.

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I have finally completed the finale of the Rybok’s Rat Pack series. The sixth and final story finishes of the series complete.

The story starts at the end as Saul Rybok tells the story while he’s dying. I got the idea from Carlitos way. The final moments of the film you see Carlito (Al Pacino) telling the tale while looking at a picture of paradise on a billboard. Well Rybok’s Rat Pack: The Scent Of Betrayal does the same.
like the Crimson fist saga I wrote for BL this series has been a joy to write sprouting a single spin off story Kagen about a captain who takes twelve penal’s back to a destroyed Earth to right the wrongs done.

So with that come to an end I find myself once again looking at an ROG I created. Yup Cyberpunk. Or as I named it Cyberpunk 2766A.D. already I’ve devised a sequel named Cyberpunk 2786A.D. Vegas. And yes its set in Las Vegas. The game will sequel that of the events reaching the end of Cyberpunk 2766A.D. and finally I will post up the third. Cyberpunk 2830A.D. Cult Of Mars

Anyhow the story I’m thinking will of course involve the popular Vornn from the first two games but as of charactors I’m unsure as yet. For obvious reasons I’ll focus on diffeent charactors and I’ll also focus on the Las Vegas setting too. That will be revealed once I’ve mapped out whats what in my fictional idea.

Well that’s me done for now until the next update.
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