Funny Little Exersises

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This is a exersise I found in my wrting technique book. You write what you would take to a funeral/birthday/wedding etc. I think it's called a Prose Poetry Peice.
Here is mine:

Bring along an unshed tear, a box of happy memories, mixed emotions, a plastered smile, a crumpled speech, half forgotten. Bring a flower to lay on the grave, a sweeping black dress with matching gloves. Pluck a cloud-filled pillow from the sky and rest your head as you write your regrets in a gold lined notebook. Bring your grief, an unpondered wonder and a handbag that contains everything you need to be happy.

Also in my little technique book there is an exersise called Daily Free Writing that will definetly help you write or give some inspiration. The instructions are:
Write about you. Go for 10 minutes. Write whatever comes into your mind. Don't think to hard. Just go for it.
I got a lot of inspiration from my writing peice. At first i thought it was just random words strung together. Then a few days later I looked closely. I got so many lines and inspiration from my own random writing!! It really helps. Seriously.
Thats all from me now!!! Goodby and good riddance!!!!! :D
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