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It's been six months. He's not over me. I've pretty much forgotten about him. I don't get upset when I work on my book about my time in residence, when I was dating him. I can look at his picture. I can even listen to romantic songs we liked to listen to together.

Today, I logged onto facebook and found that my jackass of an ex boyfriend had hacked into my account and not only changed my profile picture, and put some nasty things on my wall and in my status but also deleted all of my friends. Now I have a friend who thinks I'm overreacting and to her not showing up when we had plans to go to a movie and I didn't get the message on time that she would not be there.

I have lost so much this year. This morning, before I signed on, I was just a little upset because I had caused a glitch on the computer. Now, I don't know what to do. Should I ignore him? Should I tell him I know it was him?

I had moved on. I planned on going to a speed dating event next week to try to meet new people and maybe date again. Now, I am just so angry that I can hardly think. I didn't hate him before. As badly as it ended, I accepted it because I knew we were never right for each other to begin with. This is just too much. I hate him.
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