Gahhhh - I need to find the time!

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Seriously...what does it have to take to get me to get back into writing? Granted I have been writing other things, journals on my recent trip to the mountains, long e-mails to a friend who always seems to be on Facebook, replies to others on my running forum. But I don't seem to have the creative spirit I once had.

Really, last November I completed 52,000 words for the NaNoWriMo contest. I figured I'd get right on that puppy again and start editing it...but sits in limbo on a memory stick, haunting me each time I plug it into the computer to retrieve some other file. I think the time issue is my biggest. I seem to find time to mountain bike, to run, to work out, to spend time with my boys, to camp, to hang out with the BF....I should slate in time to write, but I find that when I'm pressured like that the creative spark fizzles out. I get the urge to write at stupid times (like when I'm in the middle of something important at work, or when I'm driving somewhere and won't arrive for another hour, or when I'm in the middle of a long run - yeah I carry a pen & paper with me and stuff it in my running bra;))

Maybe it's just a phase and this, too, will pass...I guess it's a matter of being patient with myself. It will come back...right?!?!?!
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