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Having my penis attracted to other penii can be kind of humorous. Especially for someone like me who finds it hilarious when people die in the end of a story. [Like at the end of Madame Bovary, when she poisoned herself and wanted to die shortly after all heroically, but didn't. Priceless.] I just love irony and the use of satire in this world and I'm not afraid to use it.

Sex is everywhere in this world. Why should we be afraid of it? What's the use in being afriad of it. It appears in everyone's thoughts, more frequently in some people than in others. Sex is beautiful and funny and awkward and why should we not embrace it? It is ironical, and it is full of satire. Perfect for me. Sex is the ageless allegory. And with that sentiment, here we go ...

I got asked out by a vagina today. I'm not sure what motivated her. I'm not sure what made her think I was straight. I mean I have all of Aaron Carter's CD's and I play the jazz clarinet. But I guess those are just meaningless sterotypes, which are bad. [Stereotypes are good. Use them whenever possible.] Anyway, I was talking to a freshmen summer school english class today about Raskolnikov's character development in Crime and Punishment today. Afterwards, this vagina named Samantha [I call her Tulip] asked me out on a date. I told her I was gay. There was an awkward silence. Then I laughed. She looked at me with the most distored look upon her guise, as if she didn't understand that this was a very laughing matter. Then she left the room. I love teaching. :D

Some people tend to think gay people are awkward. Have you ever noticed that people expect coming out to be a big ceremony? My coming out definately went under the radar, and people are totally clueless. Which is hilarious.

One of these days, I'm going to go out w/ a girl, just to see if people notice anything wrong. I bet they DON'T. :)

In conclusion, sex is full of irony, satire, and allegory [Just like Lolita :rolleyes:] and we should be proud of that fact, not afraid of it.
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