General World Overview.

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Humanoids - roughly human appearance, likely interfertile
  • Humans
  • Kinuks - a seafaring race. Short, hairy, and burly. Many raid other civilizations for provisions, though some have settled down and become self-sufficient. Simply: Dwarven Vikings
  • Alfar - a tall and long-lived race. They are reclusive and tend to live in mountainous regions. Simply: Mountain-dwelling (Tolkienian) Elves
  • Brownies - tiny people a few inches tall. Interact parasitically with other races, but avoid direct contact. Often utilize discarded/stolen items of larger races for new purposes. Simply: Brownies, (Traditional) Elves, Minish, Borrowers
  • Trolls - hideous in appearance but usually good in heart. Lovers of beauty and master craftsmen. Usually live alone in scattered caves.
  • Goblins - warlike nomads. Barely civilized, often take over a previous civilizations city rather than build their own. Very superstitious

Man-beasts - bipedal but possessing animal characteristics and appearance. I am seriously considering removing these, as neither were my own creation
  • Flett - man-cats. Known for their heightened senses. Catlike face, body hair, retractable claws, prehensile tail. Irises have a striking "marbled" appearance.
  • Scorpion-clan - yes, those same desert-dwelling scorpion scorpion men as in Abculatter's world. Quoted: "nomads wondering the Central Desert in a struggle to survive. They rarely intervene on the affairs of other races. They are tribal and shamanistic, and the youngest of the races. They do not have skin, rather a hard, air-tight exo-skeleton which can withstand impressive amounts of punishment, along with a poisonous scorpion-like tail which is their name-sake."

Dragons -two of the four races of dragon are sapient
  • Drakes - Large body, usually long neck. Quadrupedal with two wings on back. Long lived. Temperaments vary, but well known for hoarding valuables. Simply: European Dragon
  • Wyrms/Wurms - Long, thin body. Presence and number of limbs/wings variable with breed. Longest lived of all sentient races, and generally considered the wisest. Simply: Chinese Dragon

  • Traal - shadowy, demonic creatures. Very rare, little is known about them.


Magic manifested as "flames".

Elemental Magics
  • Fire (red flame)
  • Water/Ice (blue flame)
  • Air ("green" flame)
  • Earth (yellow flame)

Polar Magics
  • Life/Order (white flame)
  • Death/Chaos (black flame)

All spells are a combination of some or all of these magics.

this is majorly undeveloped

Djinn - minor deities tied to certain regions. May be additionally tied to certain facet of nature, tribe of people, or species of animal.


Simple feudal system. Barons rule cities and large land areas. The King rules the Barons.
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