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General writing continued.

Published by writer one in the blog writer one's blog. Views: 171

I only see what I know using my experiences in my life. Writing out side of that seems alien to me. I asking myself what's the purpose of writing in the first place? That question alone haunts me greatly. I am a sensitive person and I think I as searching for answers that might help me figure out what I am here to do. One of those questions is my wife has cancer and it is my job to take care of her, which I am doing. but then come to find out I have Add and I am High Strung which complicates my life greatly.

My family and friends and you might see where I am coming from when I ask questions. I am starting to think writing is a therapy or a outlet for me. I do not wish to even admit I have these problems, but now I know and understand they must me dealt with. At the same time trying to put the words together for others to understand my plight, if they to have one. My mind reels before me when I search for answers and do not know what the questions are to use. The word muddle comes to mind. writer one
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