Genies Like Devil's Food Cake

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It might not seem like useful information, but it's true, and will come in handy if you ever have to placate a cranky genie.

Yesterday I decided it was a good idea to bake my genie a cake.

It was actually an apologetic gesture, a peace offering, because the last week has been a tad unsettling (no thanks to the genie, mind you) and, feeling all hard done by and disillusioned, I decided that I was actually Done Wishing. Kinda didn't go down too well.

A couple of days later I forgot my resolve, as well as the fact that genies have wicked senses of hearing and humour, and made the cavalier wish that I'd never seen the film Field Of Dreams. Result: one very haughty and sarcastic genie. I think I'm lucky to still have my eyes, but I now have a minor baking obsession and I can't get the phrase If you bake it, they'll have buns out of my head. :mad:

Anyway, I made the cake, but I guess my genie was still feeling a bit slighted because the whole baking thing was still stuck in my head. So I figured maybe I need to knead it - get out all the ridiculous cookie dough analogies, hearts made of icing etc - and thought maybe I should go get me my star-cutter and make something of it. I could handle starry eyes, or ears.

This ended up in my writing a poem, of sorts. It's not something I usually do, at least not since I was a teenager and thought my angsty BS was incredibly deep. :rolleyes:

These days it's not only extremely rare for something that I write to be a poem, it's also completely unintentional. I don't even know how it happens, really. It just kinda sits there on the page and says "I'm taking this shape, thank you. Also - just a heads up - I may occasionally feel the urge to rhyme in random places". Which is odd, and also possibly not the point.

I might not actually have a point, come to think of it. Rather, I'm just pleased that I still have the capacity to surprise myself when I write. Which is good enough for me.

Right, I'm taking my now starry eyes into the kitchen - my gingerbread men have cooled and need to be iced.

Genies are kinda greedy. o_O
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