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Getting Back Into It

Published by ChaosReigns in the blog A Writer's Illusion.. Views: 292

I recently have had some here and there times with writing, by in which, because of external influences, ive been unable to write, which has been frustrating, and now that ive got more time back, ive been struggling to get back into it again.

but, i spoke to a good writer friend of mine on Facebook (Jess Sturman-Coombs, check out her stuff on amazon/smashwords) and she suggested sitting there and blast writing for 10 minutes at a time, and i tell you what, that has helped so much in getting me back into it, as ive chipped away at several different things and managed to link them all up (See Lectures in writing, thats where its all heading)

I would totally recommend it, even if you are struggling, just write something for 10 minutes, get it out, you never know where its going to end up, and ive had a complete add-fest to my music collection too, which has helped hugely!

Well, shorter than id have hoped. but i hope you find it helpful

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