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getting out of my over achieving head

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I've started work again. Banana Boat Sunday is still mere pages away from completion, but I can't bring myself to finish it; I really don't know why, and if someone would give me the encouragement to keep going, that would be very welcome. I'm in the midst of creating a novel based on the unsolved case of the Little Lord Fauntleroy murder back in 1921, and in the beginning pages of Lightning Round, which is a sort of thunderdome with fast cars, princesses to be saved, and a skinny, knob-kneed man in the center of it all with coke bottle glasses and a desire to save his enslaved brother. I'm excited to work on the latter, as it has no rules and is a ton of fun to write. But the former, which I don't have a name for yet, I'm so intimidated by that I haven't started it yet. It's planned out to the most minute detail, but I have this notion in my head that it must be good, it must be spectacular and award-worthy, and that it somehow will be my breakout novel. I need to get into the headspace of where I'm supposed to be: writing for fun, and enjoying the process. I have to remember that despite all the Paolini's of the world, I do not need to become a novelist at seventeen, my work doesn't have to grace college classrooms, and that above all, my work is for myself and friends who want to read it.
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