Giving It Away

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I feel like sharing. :-D

Oh, I so wish I could give you all the happiness in the world. Whenever I feel like this, it's so overwhelming, and I would just love to be able to give it away. I'm so full of love and happiness. I wish I could give it to you, all of it. That would be a dream come true. To be truly able to share that beautiful feeling, to be able to give it away completely.

I can only show my love. My actions speak my love. My words speak my love. My eyes speak my love. That's it. I cannot take that love into my hands and give it to you.

Someone needs it a lot more than I do. Someone is always sad. Someone is always broken. Someone is always hurt. I would love to be able to ease that pain. Sometimes it's enough when I give my hand, "Take it. I'll be here for a while." But sometimes, it would be better if I really could remove my heart from my chest and give it away. "Take it. You need it more."

My best friend could use my heart. She could use my strength. I wish I could give that to her.

*hugs to all who need it*
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