Giving the Self-Published of Amazon a Go

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Every other two months, I work night shift for two months. It is a rotating shift of 12 hours, broken up by 2-3 days of time off. While I'm on night shift, I will keep night shift hours even on my days off, so that I reduce my chances of experiencing fatigue or frustration with my shedule. Because of this, I am the only person in the house that is awake at all wee hours of the night and morning. Because of this, I get incredibly bored and try to think of ways to inspire myself to write more, or write something new.

A few nights ago I decided to try reading a free Kindle eBook from Amazon in the hopes of finding something so ridiculous or "Not worth my time" that it would spur me to write something I know I'd enjoy. Well, I didn't find something ridiculous, nor did I find anything that would make me want to write instead of read. Instead, I found something worth reading the next installation of. Imagine that. My unusually long run of Bad Picks from the Kindle eBook section had finally ended. I had found something worth my time.

So last night, to the point of my blog post tonight, is I decided to go on a Free Kindle eBook rampage, starting with "Veiled Eyes (Lake People)". So far it has held my attention, but mostly because of the possibilities the story line and characters present rather than what the story actually provides. In this endeavor I ended up "buying" 12 free Kindle eBooks, 6 of them having no reviews whatsoever. I am hoping that my determination to give those unreviewed writers a review and the self-published authors a chance, I will someday have the favor returned by an equally industrious reader whenever it is I get around to writing something and publishing it.

Also, with the creation of my free eBook book list, I have also created the opportunity to regain interest in my blog(s). Ha! Imagine that...
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