God Bless the Broken Road

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Being so exposed to the thought of love often confuses its true meaning. Lust and pity is often mistaken for love, even when they are very different in so many ways. Remarkably, lust and pity can be a part of love. Love is an artificial construct. A compilation of several emotions, lust and pity are a couple of those. They are not love, but they can be a part of love. It is for this reason that I still hold out hope for Love. Real Love. For to me, love is the package of emotions that makes it possible to care for someone. It is the tears, the laughter, the anger, the pain, the loss, the betrayal, the warmth, the trust, the peace, and everything else that happens between you and someone you care deeply about. It doesn't matter who it is.

And should that person feel the same way for you? Good Luck to you both. For it is a long and painful road, being in Love. And, like a road, it only has a few places that you can get out of the car and admire what is there.
  • Herbert H Hebert
  • Dras
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