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Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 162

Jesus Frickin Crist...I get one of these questions at least once every two weeks. It's like I have "Love to argue about stupid things" written on my face somewhere.

Argument always begins as "Do you believe in God" and then degenerates to me defending myself against the half-poetic guano-fountain that sounds like years of poorly funded brainwashing. The argument always ends with grudgingly agree to disagree. I always dream that if I had the hackers touch, I would go into their bank accounts and give all their money away to the poor and needy like Jesus would have done. Then I would hide in the bushes and laugh watching them go bat-**** crazy in a tirade that would have Mel Gibson and Christian Bale blogging about it.

I used to be religious mostly for the sake of the very, very spiritually and mentally strong, formidable, and amazing example of a human wonder that my grandmother is...and the fact that it was one of the first comic books I ever read. But then you go to school and get your brain turned on and, well, you know...

But is God even relevant anymore...really? He seems more like one of those retro topics you bring up when you remember the weird things that symbolized past ages like bell-bottoms, disco, and the horoscope. I'm pretty sure the church understands this and plans to come out with the exciting new and sleek version of iGod sometime around 2012 when the world ends. Even the horoscope is being replaced with a much more twenty-first century personality-dictating fascination called "humanmetrics" or "Psychological Type Profiles." If you want to find out who you are also, click below...you'll be amazed just how specific this general description of you is...just like the horoscope.




Really, God is such a boring topic. The only fun you get out of it is in arguing about it with someone else. Things get even more exciting when AK-47's and RPG's come into the picture like in the Middle East. Those guys know how to punctuate themselves.
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