Golden Gator Antiques (for Rouge City RPG)

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Note the Unwritten Rule of the Golden Gator!
*** Do NOT under any circumstances talk about or make reference to the weapons business on the shop floor! ***

Located at the edge of the expensive and tasteful Pouponer District, the shop is in an old two-story narrow brick building painted a tangerine color with ornate white trim across the top of the front façade. 'Golden Gator Antiques' is spelled out in large metallic gold letters on the front of the building with a life-size greenish (oxidized) gator firmly anchored across the bottom, its open mouth just over the door. Its scales are gold-tipped as though if you rub the oxidization away the animal is made of gold.

The front doors are painted white and have multiple panes of glass in them. There is also a large display window. All windows and doors have pull-down metal shutters for when the establishment is closed. There is also a security system.

An old-fashioned bell jingles when the door is opened or closed.

Inside, the shop floor is divided into two rooms with polished parquet flooring. There are antiques on display everywhere and usually an old man or an old woman lounging in a corner reading a newspaper or appearing to be asleep.

There are also two shop dogs (Rotweillers – Dulcedo and Ira) usually in attendance during shop hours.

The next room back is a small consulting room. It is plush with red carpeting, and overstuffed antique furniture. This is where private conversations take place.

Other rooms are normally not seen by customers for either business unless Cyriana has good reason to let them in there.

Cyriana doesn’t live on site nor does she keep large stockpiles of weapons at the shop.
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