Gone Fishing :)

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Decided to stop writing for a while today. Why? Cause I don't feel like it, lol. And I think if I force myself to, I just end up writing crap that may be passable but not really inspired.

Makes me wonder about two things. You either live and write, or you write or live. What I mean is, either writing is your life and you are happy to do that 24/7 or on whatever offtime you have, or that you must chose between writing and actually doing other things you may like doing. If you're the latter, than your writing gets slowed up a lot, but I think not for the worse. Neither side is bad, it's just a matter of preference to me.

Second thing is that I'm glad I am not a professional now. I think about the late Robert Jordan who wrote most of the Wheel of Time Series. He, in a way, wrote this story to his death. His last moments in the world, writing a book till he could no longer write anymore. It sounds romantic and admirable, but what are the sacrifices. Was this something he wanted to do or did he feel he needed to by obligation- the story becoming not a love but a duty to him. Of all the things a person could spend their last moments doing...

But not just that. All writers have deadlines. They are pressured into meeting schedules. It sounds like it takes a bit of the fun out of it. While not so bad in the beginning, year by year it might get to the point where a guy starts looking at retirement and wonder what's taking so long.

But I think I still want to write. Deadlines are fine and understandable. For now, I'll enjoy the breaks I can willingly take and use the time to read and other such things- which I like to do more anyway.
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