Good cop, bad cop

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Good cop, bad cop!

Well I swore I’d never do it but I did, the cliché of good cop bad cop ><

Lets start from the beginning, I’ve been working in an RPG on another forum ABD. The story is basically this sinister little town in the middle of Texas full of nut cases cons and you name it.

So anyway both of these cops are old characters of mine. I collect my characters and the ones I don’t use I store the information for in a big spiral bound book.

The first one is called Cody Lordly a very old character of mine. She has grown since I first created her, I’m very proud of the current state I have her in. So she’s the good cop, the one who always comes across as caring. She believes criminals don’t always just do things because they are bad. She also appreciates the effort that other members of the police department put into their work.

The bad cop is Surreal Camsly, fiery and going with her instincts. Her mouth gets her in trouble and she is lucky she hasn’t been fired as of yet…

So yeah very cliché aren’t they. Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can make the two characters more interesting?
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