Good morning.

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Good morning,
I'm new to the forum and new to being on forums in general, this is my first.
I'm a writer though for the last twenty odd years I've really only written for myself, a few friends and on occasion strangers who I wanted to impress (it usually worked).
Most of my writing was originally done on an old computer where the 'n' key didn't work which made it look like I was writing in Aklo but since I moved on to a laptop things have looked up. The old stuff I wrote wasn't that great anyway.
After a drunk rant from a colleauge about 'getting my stuff out there' he told me he'd joined a forum where his music was routinely rated, slated or ignored but being amongst like minded people was a boost to his creativity and let him know what other people felt he was doing wrong or right.
I hope that works for me too, and I've been reading a lot of stuff on the site and see I've clearly got my work cut out if I'm to impress anyone.
Still, watch this space.
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