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Good News

Published by Rebekkamaria in the blog Rebekkamaria's blog. Views: 101

My friend, she's all right.

And I'm sick. I hold it inside me, and when it comes out... I get sick. :-D I've always been like this when it comes to stress. I keep it inside as long as I have to endure it, and then, when everything is over... I let go.

And get sick. *laughs*

My Polish friend is coming to Finland on next Monday. She's staying a week. I cannot believe how happy that makes me. She's one of those special people. I was patient with her. I stayed close to her for two years. I let her have her distance. And finally, she opened the door. We are close. I think I'm closest with her (not counting my husband). She's very special.

Oh, just thank you everyone. It helped me. It did. You are so kind. *hugs*
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