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Graduated...so there!

Published by AwfulBigAdventure in the blog AwfulBigAdventure's blog. Views: 111

So... I didn't win for best feature screenplay at my school. A guy who wrote a script in honor of his brother who passed away did. I couldn't really hold a candle to that. I did, however, share a win for Best Short Film for this comedy I wrote. It was a romantic comedy set in an STD clinic... it was kinda hard not to fail with a golden premise like that.... ;)

Overall, graduation weekend has been a flurry of parents, funny looking robes, and shoes that become inhospitable to feet once a nice pool of sweat accumulates in them. I ended it by having a day at the beach, roasting some marshmallows at sunset, and pondering what the first day of my non college insituted life would consist of tomorrow. I have been in school since I was a 5 years old in kindergarden and I haven't stopped until yesterday, at 24. I feel like I should be in mourning, just thinking about that. Then I remembered I'm going to LA to Dark Horse on Monday, I have a short script overdue from last week for my friend's thesis, and a buttload of notes and tips from my professors to polish my thesis and embark on the next story I have lined up.

Then it feels like mourning is too time consuming, and I'm okay.
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