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Grandparents are Amazing...

Published by Bick in the blog Bick's blog. Views: 139

So, I got in a car wreck on Tuesday. I have the bad habit of not wearing my seat belt. I should have gone through that wind shield, but someone was looking out for me. Asleep in the car when the woman hit us from behind, I somehow found the ability to wake up in those split seconds and to put my hands forward to take the blow. I hurt both wrists, one more than the other. My left taking the brunt of it, I'm still exercising it so I can fully use it again. For now, they're both just irritated. Nothing broken.

The woman who was driving, got a lot more damage than I did and she had her seat belt on. The car is totaled, and a woman arrested for driving a stolen car. She was also driving under the influence and resisted arrest.

I texted everyone that needed to know when it had happened, father included. He apparently told my grandparents that I wasn't wearing my seat belt, and this is the email I got.

They sent it to our entire family :p Mass email.

God. I love my Grandparents.
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