Grant's girl...our first meeting

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He said that as I walked into the room and into his life that I lit up the room and I was "shining like the sun". He couldn't keep his eyes off me and for some reason, I couldn't stop myself from looking at him. Tall, dark and yes, handsome but in a unique and strangely familiar way. I wondered if he had reminded me of someone that I had known before. I felt that I had known him, that I did know him, somehow. We said hello and he quoted a "wolfman jack" line from Todd Rundgren's of my favorites. How odd, I thought. Do I know him? Familiarity and a unusual comforting attraction swept over me.

This happened 30 years ago and it feels like it happened just yesterday. The young handsome man who took my breath away and says that I had "shone like an angel" is holding my hand with greying temples and year worn sadness in his eyes; ever decreasing and being replaced daily with the enthusiasm and young love that I had seen on that day. He is still him and I am still me.
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