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Published by cydney in the blog cydney's blog. Views: 138

I have to start somewhere. :)

Family Memories

This is something I've always wondered about.

My first memory is of a little girl with curly blonde hair in a dark room. Her mom & dad have just placed her in her crib & she's pissed off, crying. She's standing up - won't lay down like her parents want her to. She has on a red corduroy jumper. Thick, it looks new & expensive.

The odd thing about this memory is that I'm sure it was me. Or was it? Cause I'm watching this scene. It could've been my little sister. For a long time I thought the memory (I've never forgotten it) was of my little sister but the longer I live the more I think it was me. I suppose that's the way memories are - like watching yourself, sort of like a dream. I've read in dreams we are every character in the dream.
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