Green Leaf

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City Name: Green Leaf
Ruler: Rock Tooth Chief Lord
Power Structure: Dictatorship amongst a society of warlords. Each Warlord controls a portion of the city or land, and sends gifts to the Chief Lord every five months.
Population: 150,000 in the city, 50,000 in the surrounding area.
Population breakdown: 60% Goblin, 30% Orc, 10% Human.
Army: Approximately 50,000 basic soldiers. If they can all show up on the same day, in the proper area, and on the same side is a different story.
Focus of knowledge: Some magic, some technology
Important Resources: Lumber, rare and popular spices and swamp plants, exotic hides, bones, and meats. And a flourishing black market.
Allies: None
Short Bio of the city: When the Orc army was decimated by the Tristen alliance centuries ago, Goblins took over the Orcs former home. They fought amongst each other for several centuries, before a Goblin called Big Feet, was able to form an alliance with several other tribes, and decimated his rivals, then he back stabbed most of his rivals and declared himself Chief Lord of the ruins of Green Leaf.
The city has been 'repaired' and expanded along the islands and dry areas of the swamp in the last two centuries of 'peace'. Now it is a sprawling dirty ramshackle city, where Warlords control certain districts and streets with the Chief Lords permission.
Despite its appearance, and smell, the city is any freedom lovers dream come true. There are virtually no laws, and if you can get enough money or followers anyone can become a War Lord.
It is very difficult for the city to act coherently. But when they do it is very scary. A century ago the nearby city of Lucaret got tired of the cities banditry and attacked Green Leaf. It was a disaster. Virtually the entire city of Green Leaf was burned to the ground.
This wouldn't have been so bad, except the Lucaret army was in the city at the time. As they retreated the Green Leaf army raided, ambushed and sniped them the entire time they were in the swamp. Over a quarter of the army was lost, another quarter was wounded, and most of their weapons and supplies had to be abandoned.
Green Leaf has been at peace since then.
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