Guess what, America....

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The internet is not America.

It's not.

It's the World.

Welcome to it. I know you've been insulated from it for a goodly while, but it's time you got reacquainted.

Please leave your giant, gossamer-thin comfort bubble in the receptacle to your left before entering. Notions of political correctness go in the bin to your right.

Please know that viewpoints will be other than your own.

Please know that you will encounter socio-personal interactions different from the ones you have been trained to accept as acceptable.

Please know that people may say hun, and sweetie and dear and poppet and petal and pet and sunshine and you can clutch the pearls all you like and make great show of a case of the vapors and everyone will move on. Try and catch up.

Things you hold as knowledges may in fact turn out to be opinions.

People from other countries are not Republicans or Democrats or Tea-Baggers. Their politics have nothing to do with the paradigm you know. They have their own paradigm under which they function because they are sovereign people beholden to the countries of their birth. They aren't just Disney World attractions.

People are not nations. Just as you would ask to not be held accountable as an individual for the actions of Washington, thusly should you proceed with others.

A patriot, a true born son, an American.
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