Guilty Confession, I liked the Twilight Saga

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All right, I don't want to turn this into a debate, but I'm going to go ahead and alienate myself here. I actually happened to like Twilight. I think the books were well written and the movies were excellently done.

I like the idea of the vampires in this series because they are original. The diamond skin thin has never been done before. It makes me think that their origins are reptillian as certain species of reptile do have scales that glisten when they sweat.

The only problem I have with the Twilight Saga is that it is marketed as teen romance. Bella, Edward, and Jacob do not have a healthy relationship. And that is my problem because there are a lot of impressionable teenaged girls who are seeing Edward trash Bella's car because he thinks she's unsafe in it and thinking, "Wow, I hope my boyfriend dominates my life like that."
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